Meet the Team


Mr. Kernick serves as President of Vanguard Mining and has been on its Board of Directors since January of 2017. Prior to joining Vanguard Mining, he has served as General Manager of Operations at Klondex Mines in Manitoba, as well as General Manager of San Gold, Kerr Mines, Auriga Gold, and Liberty Mines over the last 10 years.

With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Kernick has held positions as a Miner, Mine Superintendent, Mine Manager, and President with a focus primarily in Canada. Mr. Kernick’s areas of expertise include Long-Hole Drilling, Diamond Drilling, Underground Development, and Production Mining and has been involved in leadership roles for gold, copper, and nickel mines.


Mr. Dodd serves as Project Manager and has been with Vanguard Mining since 2017. With over 20 years of experience throughout the mining industry in Timmins and Sudbury, Mr. Dodd brings effective leadership and superior knowledge to our team, specializing in Long-Hole Mining Methods.

Prior to joining the Vanguard Mining team, Mr. Dodd served as a Driller/Supervisor for Boart Longyear with projects in Canada such as Hoyle Pond, Liberty Mines, Craig Mine, and Lake Shore.


Mr. Lehtinen joined Vanguard Mining in 2017 as the Health and Safety Manager and brings over 20 years of experience in the mining industry. Mr. Lehtinen’s qualifications and experience have proven themselves throughout projects in Canada and has brought those skills to Vanguard Mining to ensure the health and safety of our crews, as well as the protection and preservation of the environment.

Prior to joining Vanguard, Mr. Lehtinen had worked with various companies throughout regions of Ontario and held responsibilities such as operating and performing maintenance on equipment, supervising, practicing health and safety regulations, and liaising with various Ontario Ministries (MTO, MOL, MOE) and job contractors. Throughout his career, Mr. Lehtinen has earned countless certifications and awards including achievements such as:

  • Port Security Officer Certification
  • Common Core- Surface Modules
  • ACPA National Safety Certification
  • Accident Free Safe Driving Award (10 Years)
  • Mobile Crane Operator 0-8 Ton
  • Certificate of Achievement for Completions of 950E Machine Safety & Operations Training
  • Work Hazardous Materials Information System


Ms. Cyr joined Vanguard Mining in 2017 and serves as Office Manager. Ms. Cyr has almost 30 years of experience in administrative positions throughout drilling and mining companies in Canada and continues to deliver practical skills and knowledge to our team. With qualifications in Office Administration, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Bookkeeping, and Customer Service, Ms. Cyr is responsible for maintaining and organizing office workflow to ensure all duties of the administrative side are operating efficiently.

In the span of her experience, Ms. Cyr has held positions such as HR Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Administrator/Customer Service Representative, and Cost Accountant. Her contribution has and continues to be monumental to Vanguard Mining.